Monday, January 5, 2009

Punjab Engineering College - PEC,Deemed University, Ph.D Admissions, Admission to Ph.D. Programme 2009,PEC Chandigarh,Admission Notice

Punjab Engineering College - PEC

Ph.D. Admission

Punjab Engineering College - PEC
Admission to Ph.D. Programme 2009

Applications are invited for Admission to Full-time/Full-time Sponsored/Part-time Ph.D. Programme in the disciplines of Applied Sciences (Area- Chemistry- Environmental Chemistry and Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organotin chemistry, Humanities- Management & Finance, Mathematics- Algebra and Number Theory , Topology, Geology- Spatio-temporal monitoring of Glacier using remotely sensed data & G.I.S. techniques), Civil (Area- Water Resources System, Sub-soil Flow, Water Quality & Modeling, Environmental Engg., Traffic and Transportation Engg., Geotechnical Engg., Geo-Environment, Construction Tech. & Mgmt., Highways) Computer Sc.(Area –Wireless Networks and Information Security, Cyber Forensic), Electronics and Electrical Communication (Area- Fiber Optics and Digital Design & Communication Engineering), Mechanical (Area- Advance Manufacturing Processes, Materials & Manufacturing, Quality Control, TQM, Work Study & Ergonomics), Metallurgical (Area- Biomaterials, Corrosion Behaviour of materials, Design and Properties modification in ferrous & non-ferrous materials, Physical & Mechanical Metallurgy, Production (Area- Advanced manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, CAD/CAM, Automation, Welding).

1. Categories of Scholars/ Admissions

Full-time non sponsored.
Full-time sponsored.
Part-time candidates.

Financial aid/ assistance ship may be granted subject to availability of grants from PEC/UGC/ DST/ CSIR etc.

2. Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Admission

For Fulltime Non-sponsored Scholars:

Minimum eligibility:

1. Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology or Master’s degree in Science/ Humanities/ Management or equivalent in relevant discipline with 60% marks in aggregate for general category.

2. The candidate must have a valid Gate score or must have been admitted to the M. Tech. programme with a valid Gate score. For admission to Ph.D. Programme in Science/Humanities/Management the candidates must have a NET (UGC/CSIR) Fellowship from the current year in relevant areas.

Selection basis: Written test and interview

For Fulltime Sponsored Scholars:

Minimum eligibility: Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology or Master’s degree in Science/Humanities or equivalent in relevant discipline with 55% marks in aggregate for general category. These candidates must have served with the sponsoring organization for a minimum period of 2 years on a full-time basis. The sponsoring organization needs to provide and undertaking as per Note 5.

Selection basis: Written test and/ or interview.

For Part-time Scholars:

Minimum eligibility: Same as for Fulltime Sponsored Scholars. The candidate must provide a No Objection Certificate from the employer as per Note 6.

Selection basis: Written test and/or interview.

Last date for receipt of application in the Institute is 12.01.2009.

Ph.D Application Form - Click Here

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