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University of Madras - Admission Notification – 2008 – 09 - M.Phil., Master’s, P.G. Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Programmes

University of Madras - Admission Notification – 2008 – 09 - M.Phil., Master’s, P.G. Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Programmes

University of Madras
University Centenary Buildings,
Chennai-600 005.

Applications are invited for admission to the following M.Phil., Master’s, P.G. Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Programmes under CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM(CBCS) in the University Departments of Study and Research for the year 2008-2009.

Master’s programmes

M.A. Ancient History and Archaeology, M.A. Historical Studies, M.A. Anthropology, M.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration, M.Sc. Cyber Forensics and Information Security, M.Ed. (General), M.A, Continuing Education Management, M.A. Sociology, M.A. Corporate Sociology, M.A. Defence and Strategic Studies, M.A. Public Affairs, M.A. Public Management, M.A. Political Science, M.A. Indian Economics, M.A. Econometrics, M.A. Communication, M.A. Indian Philosophy, M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Saiva Siddhanta Studies, M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Vaishnava Studies, M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Christian Studies, M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Jainalogy Studies, M.A. Islamic Studies, M.A. Indian Music, M.A. Folk Music, M.A. Rhythmology, M.A. English, M.A. French, M.A. French-Translation, M.A. Hindi, M.A. Kannada, M.A. Malayalam, M.A. Tamil Literature and Culture, M.A. Tamil Studies, M.A. Applied Linguistics, M.A. Telugu, M.A. Arabic, M.A. Urdu, M.A. Sanskrit, M.A. Applied Sanskrit, M.Com. Trade and Services, M.B.A. (Regular), M.C.A. (Regular only), M.L. in International Law and Organisation, M.L. in constitutional and Legal order.

M.Sc. Information Science (Library & Information Science), M.Sc. HRD Psychology (Regular), M.Sc. Mathematics (Regular), M.Sc. Statistics, M.Sc. Actuarial Science, M.Sc. Applied Geography, M.Sc, Spatial Information Technology, M.Sc. Geology, M.Sc. Applied Geology, M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry, M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, M.Sc. Physical Chemistry, M.Sc. Polymer Science, M.Sc. Bio Physics, M.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Electronics Science, M.Sc. Advanced Biochemistry, M.Sc. Biotechnology (Regular), M.Sc. Applied Plant Science, M.Sc. Industrial Microbiology, M.Sc. Zoology (Special), M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry, M.Sc. Biomedical Genetics, M.Sc. Medical Microbiology (Three Years), M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences, M.Sc. Pharmacology (Three Years), M.Sc. Anatomy (Three Years), M.Sc. Physiology (Three Years), M.Sc. Photonics and Bio-Photonics, M.Sc./M.Tech. in Nano-science and Nanotechnology.

Self-Supportive Programmes :

M.Sc. Electronic Media, M.A. Bharathanatyam, M.Ed. (General), M.B.A.
M.Sc. HRD Psychology, M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. Bio-informatics, M.Sc. Biotechnology,
M.Sc. Molecular Biology, M.Sc. Computer Science, M.S. Neuro-science

M. Phil. Programmes

M.Phil. Ancient History and Archaeology, M.Phil. Historical Studies, M.Phil. Education, M.Phil. Continuing Education Management, M.Phil. Defence and Strategic Studies (F.T. & P.T.), M.Phil. Public Affairs, M.Phil. Public Administration, M.Phil. South and Southeast Asian Studies, M.Phil Economics, M.Phil. Applied Economics, M.Phil. Development Economics, M.Phil. Communication (FT& PT), M.Phil. Philosophy, M.Phil. Christian Studies, M.Phil. Indian Music, M.Phil. English, M.Phil. French, M.Phil. Hindi, M.Phil Kannada, M.Phil Malayalam, M.Phil Tamil Literature, M.Phil. Tamil Studies, M.Phil. Computational Linguistics, M.Phil. Telugu (FT & PT), M.Phil. Arabic, M.Phil. Urdu, M.Phil. Sanskrit, M.Phil. Applied Sanskrit, M.Phil. Psychology, M.Phil. Mathematics, M.Phil. Computer Science, M.Phil Geology, M.Phil. Applied Geology, M.Phil. Analytical Chemistry, M.Phil. Inorganic Chemistry, M.Phil. Organic Chemistry, M.Phil. Physical Chemistry, M.Phil. Theoretical Physics, M.Phil. Nuclear Physics, M.Phil. Scientific Instrumentation, M.Phil. Advanced Biochemistry, M.Phil. Botany, M.Phil. Endocrinology, M.Phil. Environmental Toxicology, M.Phil, in Law.

P.G. Diploma Programmes

P.G. Diploma in Parent Counseling (for School Principals and Teachers), P.G. Diploma in Higher Education (for College Teachers) (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Public Management (Tamil Medium), P.G. Diploma in Ambedkar Thoughts, P.G. Diploma in Learning Disabilities (Self-Supportive), P.G. Diploma in Ethics and Biotechnology, P.G. Diploma in Ethics and Human Resource Management (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Saiva Siddhantha (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in English Skills and Knowledge Management (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy, P.G. Diploma in Computational Mathematics (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Ground Water Exploration (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Taxonomy of Algae (add-on programme), P.G. Diploma in Taxonomy of Fungi (add-on programme).

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in yoga, Diploma in Manuscriptology and Editing, Diploma in Folkloristics and Mass Media, Diploma in Telugu (PT), Diploma in Kannada, Diploma in Manuscriptology (PT), Diploma in Rain Water Harvesting, Diploma in French, Diploma in German, Diploma in Italian, Diploma in Korean, Diploma in Spanish, Diploma in Cyber Crime Information Security, Diploma in Malayalam, Diploma in Urdu, Diploma in Arabic.

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in French, Certificate in German, Certificate in Italian, Certificate in Korean, Certificate in Spanish, Certificate in Punjabi, Certificate in Gujarati, Certificate in Kannada, Certificate in Malayalam, Certificate in Telugu (PT), Certificate in Arabic, Certificate in Yoga (PT), Certificate in Persian,Certificate in Urdu.

II. Courses not covered under choice Based Credit System

M.D. (Three Years) Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology (Taramani Campus)

Diploma in Clinical Pathology (Two Years) (Taramani Campus)

Diploma in Advanced Laboratory Methods in Haematology and Pathology (2 years) (Taramani Campus)


For MBA & MCA Programmes selection will be made based on the marks obtained in the Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) conducted by the Anna University on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu, following the Community-wise reservation as stipulated by the Government.

The candidates from other states except SC/ST candidates, will be considered under General Turn.
Therefore, the candidates (including other State candidates) who aspire for admission in the University of Madras, shall appear for the Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) to be conducted on 17.05.2008. The details on the Entrance Examinations has been published in the dailies on 16.03.2008.

Those who are appearing for University Final year Examinations in April/May 2008, may also apply for TANCET 2008 and for admission to the MBA & MCA programmes in the University departments 15% supernumerary seats are available for MBA (Regular) and MCA programme for the Foreign National/ NRI having a foreign passport and valid VISA, without Entrance Examination.

15% supernumerary seats are available for MBA Self-supportive for sponsored candidates. The sponsored candidates also must appear for TANCET. Candidates applying for self-supportive MBA programme should not undertake employment during the course.


Those who are appearing for University final year examinations in April/May 2008 may also apply for all the programmes. The Entrance Examination will be held form 2nd June 2008 onwards. The Heads of the Departments concerned will issue Hall-tickets indicating the place, date and time for Entrance Examination. Such of those candidates who have not received Hall-tickets in time due to Postal delay etc. have to contact the Head of the department concerned for getting necessary permission to take Entrance examination.


Application and Academic Prospectus can be had in person at the information centre, University of Madras, Chennai - 600005 on payment of Rs. 200/- (Rs. 100/- for SC/ST candidates on production of xerox copy of the community certificate) by cash for all the programmes.


Those who want to obtain application and the Prospectus by Post have to send a written requisition specifying the name of the programme together with a Demand Draft for a sum of Rs. 250/- (Rs. 200/- towards cost of Application and Rs. 50/- towards postage) drawn in favour of "The Registrar, University of Madras Chennai-5" for admission to all the programmes.

Application can also be down loaded from the University website at However, the cost of application for Rs. 200/- by means of Demand Draft shall be enclosed, failing which the application will be summarily rejected.


Last date of submission of filled-in application form for

(i) P.G./M.Phil. Courses/Self-supportive courses: 26.05.2008
(ii) M.D. and Diploma Courses: 30-04-2008
(iii) Diploma & Certificate Courses: 31.07.2008
(iv) M.B.A. & M.C.A.: with in 7 days from the date of publication of the results of TANCET

Separate application for each programme along with required attested Xerox copies of certificates shall be submitted direct to the Head of the University Department concerned. The University reserves the right to suspend the conduct of any course if the circumstances so warrant. The University will not be held responsible for any Postal delay.

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